LED rear light with dynamic indicator

Betekenis: Dynamisch knipperlicht

What is a dynamic indication light?

What exactly is a dynamic indicator light? You may have heard or read about it. If you are often on the road, you have undoubtedly come across it. It was introduced a few years ago by Audi. In recent years, it has also been seen in other cars. It is the indicator that does not blink on and off, but runs along with the car as it were. Besides the fact that a lot of people like it, it would also have a positive effect on traffic safety.

Also with other vehicles?

As mentioned earlier, Audi introduced the dynamic indicator light and other car brands adopted it. But after several car brands started working with it, it has also made its way to other vehicles. When you see trucks or trailers on the road, it is possible that they are also equipped with it.

How to install a dynamic indicator light on another vehicle?

There are two ways to equip vehicles other than cars, such as trucks or trailers, with a dynamic indicator light. The first possibility is to have a tail light equipped with the flasher as standard. LED rear light with dynamic indicator light can of course be found in the TRALERT® product range. When these rear lights are connected, your vehicle will also use the blinkers and you will be safer in traffic. For an overview of the different possibilities you can read our blog called: Top 5 LED rear lights with dynamic indicator.

Another possibility is through the D.I.M.module from TRALERT®. This module was specially developed for those who want to use the moving lights. Among other things, the module works easily with the very popular hamburger lights. If your vehicle already has all the lights, the module can also be easily added. It is not necessary to provide your entire vehicle with new lighting before the module can be used.

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