What is a mating connector?

A 7-pole mating connector is a contact housing into which a plug can be inserted. In this way you can easily provide your electrical appliances with power. There are also sockets that you can use to provide your device or extension cable with protective earth. With TRALERT® sockets you guarantee a solid physical and electrical connection. The plugs are easy to use and easy to disconnect. Assemble them and simply insert the plug of your device into the mating plug.

7 polige Contrastekker

What materials does a mating connector consist of?

You will probably think, what materials are there? So there are rubber plugs and sockets from ABL. It prevents the penetration of moisture and is ideal for outdoor use. The Rubber plugs are suitable for 1.5 mm² and 3×2.5 mm² conductors. You can connect a maximum of three 1.5 mm² or 3×2.5 mm² cables to the plug. The plug is earthed and suitable for powers up to 250V and loads of 16 amps. Are you looking for a plug or mating connector made of plastic or PVC? Take a look at our ampère. The large connection space makes it easy to connect cables to the coupler.

What is this plug for?

The 7-pin Contrast Plug is ideal for extending the cable between the plug and the original socket. The metal hook ensures to secure the floating contrast plug, preventing it from touching the ground. The 7-pin Contrast Plug is suitable for trailers or caravans. It comes with a sealing flap and bracket. The plug provides the trailer with basic lighting such as turn signals, brake lights, and fog lights. The additional pins on the 13-pin plug are used for functions like reverse lights and continuous power.