What is an Aspöck ASS2 connector?

An Aspöck ASS2 connector is a 7 pole plug which was developed by Aspöck itself. The connector is known for its round connection at the end. Because the connector is round, it will not fit on every other connector. Several brands like Radex have a square connector, but in general the ASS2 connector fits on many lights. The connector is often used with complete rear lights for example for a trailer.

What is the Aspöck ASS2 connector known for?

An Aspöck ASS2 connector can be recognised firstly by the round connection as mentioned above. Secondly, the connector is known for its high quality. In general, the connector is higher in price, but the quality is better. This is reflected in the fact that the connector is completely waterproof. Thirdly, Aspöck's 7 pin plug is known for its quick assembly and disassembly of a lamp. The well-known turn and click system makes it fairly easy to change your lamp.

How do you recognise a left and right Aspöck ASS2 connector?

The ASS2 connector has two different types, namely a left and a right connection. Aspöck has produced these so that they are easy to distinguish from each other. The left connector is yellow and the right one is green. If you are looking for a 7 pin plug, always take the side of your vehicle into account.

What different connectors from Aspöck are there?

In addition to the 7-pole plug described above, Aspöck has even more connectors available. These are also available in 2, 3, and 17-pole. All these connectors are available in male and female versions. So there is always a high quality connector available for your vehicle and you can rely without worries on the operation of your lights.