Luminous intensity

Significance: Luminous intensity

What does light intensity mean?

The luminous intensity of a light source is the radiant power emitted by a source per unit a space angle, taking into account the sensitivity of the human eye. In other words, it indicates the amount of light emitted in each part of a luchtbundel Illuminance has different types of measurement units, with which it can be measured.

Luminous intensity

What types of units of measurement of luminosity are there?

Measuring illuminance can be done by three different types of measurement units. Before electricity existed, illuminance was measured by a candle (candela). The candela had become a standardised unit to express the illuminance in a beam. It is a measure to measure the intensity of a light source in a given direction. One candela is equivalent to the intensity of one standard candle. Candela has been used as the basis for a new unit called ‘lumen’. Lumen is a measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source.

But you still can't do much with this, because it depends on the environment how much light you actually see. For example, a lamp may provide more light in an office than in a large warehouse. This is why the unit ‘lux’ developed, it is used to measure and express the amount of light in a given environment. This helps with the light pattern to determine. As you have read above, the three units of measurement all say something different, but they do have some things in common. The three units of measurement represent the amount of light a lamp emits and how much light it produces.

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