Meaning: ECE-R10

What is ECE-R10?

EMC ECE-R10 is a type approval for electrical systems on vehicles and thus means that the lighting must not cause interference with other electrical equipment. At the same time, an ECE-R10 lamp is resistant to electromagnetic radiation from outside, including the equipment. The abbreviation "ECE" stands for Economic Commission Europe. This commission draws up guidelines for products and ensures that all products are tested. Read more about it here EMC.

Which products are covered by ECE-R10?

There are a number of products that fall under the scope of ECE-R10. The ECE-R10 regulations include the following:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility, all vehicles of categories: L, M, N, O, T, R, S1.
  • Components and STU requirements used in these vehicles comply with electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Other requirements for vehicle control. Includes directed and radiated disturbances to the function. It could interfere with drivers and other road users. The interference may be due to the functionality of the vehicle data bus. It may also affect the legal vehicle data.
  • If the requirements for conducted emission or unwanted radiation are met. Then the unwanted use of electronic equipment in the car or in other vehicles will follow. Also check the use of accessories that may disturb the cars.
  • Some other requirements of ESAs and vehicles. It controls the contact between the power grid and the vehicle. The contact ensures proper safe emission and immunity of vehicles.

Which two factors does ece-R10 refer to?

Interference resistance: In addition to the fact that the LED lamp itself must not emit any interference, LED lamps must also ensure sufficiently high resistance to external electromagnetic interference.

Interference emission: The "Interference" emission is limited to acceptable levels to enable operation without interfering with other electronic devices.

What is ECE 65?

In addition to the ECE-R10 regulations, you also have ECE 65: this is a European directive that defines the requirements for light and acoustic signals for vehicles and trailers. Since 2014, the ECE R65 regulations apply to yellow flashing lights and thus also to flashers for trailers and vehicles. It is important to avoid dangerous situations. It is therefore important that you warn your fellow road user in time if such a vehicle approaches. Read more here ECE regulation 65.

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