What is amber?

By Amber, we mean a specific color of light that tends towards orange-yellow. It is a distinct color used to attract attention without causing glare. The wavelength of the light is such that it is highly visible, even in less than ideal weather conditions such as fog or heavy rain.

How does Amber lighting work?

Amber is comparable to the color orange. It's simply industry jargon. You often see it as a turn signal in cars and other vehicles. It's special because it's highly visible, even in foggy or rainy conditions. In many modern vehicles, LED technology is used. LED stands for 'Light Emitting Diode,' which is a very small light that emits light when electricity passes through it. These LEDs can have different colors, including Amber. They are popular because they consume little energy and last a very long time. So, when you turn on a turn signal or see a warning light, there's a good chance it's an Amber LED bulb at work. It helps keep you safe on the road because it stands out so well but isn't blinding.

Which lamps are amber-coloured?

In addition to traffic lights, you can also find the color amber on the public road in various LED lighting products within TRALERT®'s range. Most LED beacons have this color, as do various LED marker lights and reflectors. However, for marker lights and reflectors, you can't use the color just anywhere on the vehicle. Strict regulations apply to ensure traffic safety. The colors of the lighting indicate which side of the vehicle is visible. White must always be at the front of the vehicle, red at the rear, and amber-colored marker lights and reflectors must be attached to the sides of the vehicle. This allows other road users to accurately assess which side of the vehicle they are seeing.