Definition: Amber

What is amber?

If you are looking for lighting, you have undoubtedly come across the term amber. Especially when it comes to lighting used in traffic. Amber can be compared to the colour orange. It is simply jargon. When you see the term amber in the colour of a lamp, you know that it is the orange colour that you often see in and around traffic.

Where does the name come from?

So the term is jargon, but where does it come from? Amber is a fossil resin that comes from coniferous trees. This resin has petrified over the course of time. Those stones are called amber. The colour of the stones is, you guessed it, orange. You can see the colour in the traffic lights, among other things.

Which lamps are amber-coloured?

In addition to traffic lights, the colour can be encountered much more frequently on public roads. Within the TRALERT® LED lighting range there are various lights of amber colour. Most of them LED beacons have the colour but also different LED marker lights and reflectors. In the case of marker lights and reflectors, you may not use the colour on any side of the vehicle. There are strict requirements for this in order to guarantee traffic safety. The colours of the lights show which side of the vehicle you are looking at. A white colour must always be used on the front of a vehicle. The red colour must always be on the rear of a vehicle. The amber-coloured marking lights and reflectors should always be attached to the side of the vehicle. This allows other road users to easily assess which side of a vehicle they are seeing.

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