Meaning: Adapter

How does an adapter work?

With an adapter plug, signals from the 13 terminals are converted to the 7 points. You have multiple adapter gradients. These go from 7 poles to 13 poles and vice versa. This is how the trailer lights communicate with the vehicle's on-board computer. In practice, you will also see this if you indicate the direction to the right, for example. Then the trailer will also flash to the right. this works for all functions. It is advisable to connect it to the correct voltage as you don't want it to overheat. Differences in value(s) can generate short circuits and this is something you want to avoid.

How does an adapter work?

Most vehicles have a 13-pin plug, but old trailers and bicycle carriers often have a 7-pin plug. What many don't know is that you can buy an adapter to connect a ​​13-track connector to a 7-track connector. Looking for such an adapter? These are easy to order through the TRALERT® dealer portal. One thing to keep in mind when installing an adapter plug is that the tabs are properly inserted into the wall socket. This so-called notch must fit exactly in the recess and in the socket. Make sure that the adapter is connected to the power strip.

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