What is a 7-pin plug?

Every object that you attach to your vehicle must have electricity nowadays. This ensures that an essential component can come into operation, namely the lighting. The lighting ensures greater road safety for you and your fellow road users. The connection between car and object is made by a plug and a matching socket.The most common connections are the 7-pin and 13-pin plugs. 7-pin plugs are used less frequently nowadays, because they only supply the basic lighting. These plugs can still be found on older trailers and boat/horse trailers. 13-pole plugs are used with caravans and more modern objects. A caravan always has a 13-pole connection.

Wiring diagram for 7-pin connector

  1. Direction indicator left | yellow
  2. Rear fog lamp | blue/brown
  3. Massa (t.b.v. contacten 1 t/m 7) | wit
  4. Direction indicator right | green
  5. Rear/rear light and number plate right | brown
  6. Remlichten | rood
  7. Rear/rear light and number plate right | brown

Wiring diagram for 7-pin connector

What is the difference between a 7 and 13 pin plug?

A 7-pin connector only provides the basic lighting. This includes fog lights, turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights. Over the years, more lighting has become mandatory, making the connector no longer meet all requirements. The difference between a 7 and 13-pin connector is that the 13-pin connector can provide more than just the basic lighting.

Installation of a 7-pole plug

A 7-pin plug is quite simple to use as it can only be connected in one way. At the bottom of the plug, there is a small notch that fits exactly onto the connector of the socket. When you have multiple items, such as a trailer, bike rack, and horse trailer, you may find that you need connections for both a 7-pin and a 13-pin plug. For this, adapter plugs are the solution. With adapter plugs, you can switch between the connections. There are adapter plugs available with connections from a 7-pin socket to a 13-pin plug and from a 13-pin socket to a 7-pin plug.

7-polige stekker aansluiten op 13-polige aansluiting

Het is mogelijk om een voertuig met een 7-polige stekker aan te sluiten op een aanhanger met een 13-polige aansluiting door gebruik te maken van een 7-polige naar 13-polige adapter.

Deze situatie doet zich o.a. voor wanneer een voertuig met een oudere 7-polige aansluiting een aanhanger met meer geavanceerde elektrische functies, zoals achteruitrijlichten en mistlampen, moet trekken.