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Danish outline marker lights

  • Side lamps Danish style
  • For both 12 and 24 volts
  • Configurable composition
  • Certified for public roads

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Danish marker lights, a wonderful phenomenon

The Danish broadside lamp a great phenomenon when it comes to LED broadside lamps. This variant owes its name to its origin. Thus, this style is specially adapted for the Scandinavian climate. In the market, these lights are also called Swedish broadside lamps. The lights are available in different types and sizes. For example, the Danish broadside lamps LED are available with a straight, short or angled stem. All three variants emit a bright light image that clearly shows the width of your vehicle. This allows other road users to immediately know where you are on the road.

Danish LED wide-angle headlights for your truck

The most common vehicle that uses LED width lights is the truck and trailer. On these vehicles, the light on the side of the vehicle is most prominent. Because the Danish LED wide-angle lamp on LED base, is provided with both a white (front) and a red (rear) light, the LED lamp has a multi-purpose character.

Danish wide-angle lamp with old school retro look

Take a look at the Danish broadside lamp with angled stem and clear lens. This lamp is equipped with an old school retro look, but because of the lens the lamp still has a modern look. The LED lamp (MB-1011RW) is equipped with a 50cm cable and is IP68 waterproof certified. This makes the wide-angle Danish style lamps extremely suitable for everyday work for the truck driver.

Danish wide-angle lamps LED in Gylle style

The origin of the Danish wide-angle lamps lies in Sweden, namely with the company Gylle Mec. The company was founded just after the second world war and has since been working on developing this unique Danish style. In the meantime, several suppliers have adopted this style and the LED wide-angle lamps with Gylle style are also available in the TRALERT® range. Take a look at the Danish wide-angle lamp of the brand LED Autolamps, for example.

More information about the entire range of LED vehicle lighting?

If you have any questions about our product range, please feel free to contact our office staff. They can tell you everything about the lamps on our dealer portal. If you are interested in creating a dealer account, you can easily and quickly register using the button at the top right of the website. If you already have an account, then it is possible to order the wide-angle LED lamps easily.

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