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White reflectors

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White reflectors

Reflectors ensure that you are more visible to other road users. A reflector itself does not give light but it does reflect it. The reflection of the light makes the reflector clearly visible. There are various colours and shapes. There are white reflectors, but also red and orange ones. The reflectors can be round or rectangular. Each type of reflector has different rules and requirements. A round, white reflector may not be positioned in the same place as a rectangular, red reflector. White reflectors are compulsory on a trailer and are very important when driving on the road. You often see the white reflectors on the left side of the road. These retroreflectors are on the verge posts on the left-hand side.


Why do I need reflectors?

Reflectors contribute enormously to traffic safety. By using reflectors, you are more visible to your fellow road users. In addition, every vehicle has rules and laws when it comes to retroreflectors. So it is very important that your vehicle is equipped with reflectors.

Is a retro reflector the same as a normal reflector?

A retroreflector is a kind of reflector, a retroreflector is always used in traffic because it reflects the light in the same direction. When a motorist shines in one of your white reflectors of your vehicle or trailer, the light is returned in the same direction. At that moment you are clearly visible for the driver.

Different shapes of TRALERT® white reflectors

TRALERT® has two forms when it comes to white reflectors. You have a white reflector that is round and a white reflector that is rectangular. These are the two most common shapes when looking at the white reflectors.

Ways of attaching white reflectors to your vehicle or trailer

There are two ways to attach a white reflector. This applies to both round and rectangular reflectors. The first option is by means of an adhesive strip. You use the 3m adhesive strip to literally stick the reflector onto the vehicle. The other option you have is by using screws. The screw assembly is made in such a way that the reflector can be easily attached to your vehicle.

Where should the white reflectors be placed on a vehicle?

White reflectors are not allowed on every spot on a vehicle. White retroreflectors are specifically intended for the front of a vehicle. These reflectors may not be used at the rear, as this can lead to dangerous situations.

Buying white reflectors

If you want to buy white retroreflectors you have come to the right place at TRALERT®. TRALERT® has been a specialist in LED vehicle lighting for years. In recent years the product range has been expanded considerably, which also makes it possible to order reflectors from TRALERT®. If you have any questions about one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When can I expect my reflectors?

Most products are in stock at TRALERT®. The advantage of this is that if you order before 15:00 hours the product will be shipped the same day. So there is a good chance that you will receive your reflector the very next day.

Not a TRALERT® dealer yet? View the benefits

If you are not a TRALERT® dealer yet, you are missing out on many benefits. Not only will you have access to the entire product range, but you can also get help from our technical service department. The TRALERT® technical service will be able to help you before, during and after your purchase. You can also request personalised marketing materials.

In addition to white reflectors, TRALERT® has other reflectors in its product range.

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