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LED head light

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LED Headlights

At TRALERT® we offer a wide range of LED headlights specifically designed for various work vehicles and heavy machinery. Our LED headlights are ideal for machines such as excavators, loaders, and other construction and agricultural vehicles. They provide superior lighting and durability, which is essential for operations in challenging conditions.

Our LED headlights are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including:

Construction Machinery: Excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery. Agricultural Vehicles: Although tractors often come equipped with headlights, we offer replacement options for additional lighting and improved performance. Industrial Vehicles: Forklifts and other industrial vehicles that need to regularly operate on public roads.




Advantages of LED Headlights over Halogen

Long lifespan and reliability: LED headlights last much longer than traditional halogen lamps and are resistant to shocks and vibrations. High Luminous Efficiency: Our LED headlights provide much brighter light, significantly improving visibility and safety. Energy-efficient: LED technology is highly energy-efficient, leading to lower operational costs. Versatility: Suitable for various types of vehicles and easy to install due to universal mounting options.

Our Brands

TRALERT® offers LED headlights from renowned brands such as Vignal, OZZ, and our own brand TRALERT®.

Each brand has unique features and benefits:

Vignal Headlight

Known for their high quality and extensive certifications, including shock and salt spray tests.

  • Voltage: 12V and 24V
  • Amperage: 2.0A (low beam), 2.1A (high beam) at 24V
  • Power: 48W (low beam), 50W (high beam) at 24V
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance - 60G and 15 Grms
  • ECE R112 - Approved for road use


OZZ Headlight

Specializes in headlights with heated lenses, ideal for cold climates to prevent lens freezing.

At TRALERT®, we offer the versatile and high-quality OZZ XH1 LED headlight, perfect for heavy-duty applications. The OZZ XH1 combines robustness with advanced technology, making it an excellent choice for demanding conditions.

  • Low Beam: 1700 lumens, with a range of 183 meters at 1 lux
  • High Beam: 3100 lumens, with a range of 365 meters at 1 lux.
  • Color Temperature: Natural white light of 5000 Kelvin ensures clear visibility under all conditions.
  • The automatic heated lens prevents ice formation and fogging, maintaining visibility even in extreme cold.
  • IP69K rating for full dust and water resistance
  • ECE R10


TRALERT® Headlight

Offers a wide range of options with excellent value for money. These headlights have proven to be of good quality for years.

How to Choose the Right LED Headlight?

When choosing the right LED headlight, there are several factors to consider:

  • Mounting: How the headlight needs to be mounted on the vehicle.
  • Connector Type: Whether the headlight comes with a specific connector such as a Deutsch connector or open wire ends.
  • Heated Lenses: Necessary for vehicles operating in cold climates.
  • Certifications: Look for headlights with the proper certifications for durability and performance.

For companies looking for robust, versatile, and certified headlights for use in heavy and variable conditions, the Vignal CHL 1 LED headlight offers significantly more benefits. Companies needing simpler and more cost-effective solutions can opt for the OZZ headlight or TRALERT®'s own brand.

Our LED headlights are designed to meet the highest standards and provide reliable lighting for all types of work vehicles. Explore our range and find the perfect lighting for your needs at TRALERT®. Contact us for more information and expert advice. Looking for more work lighting? Check out our wide range of work lights and LED rear lights as well.

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