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Truck connectors

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Truck connectors

When you want to connect lighting to your truck, you will have to deal with different connectors. When connecting LED lighting to your truck, it is important that the connection is as easy as possible. To promote this convenience, we at TRALERT® exclusively use commonly used connectors, such as the Deutsch connector, the 5-PIN's Bayonet system, based on agricultural vehicles and the 8-PIN's system for trailers for cars and trucks.

Simple plug-and-play system

When you have bought a new set of LED lights for your truck, you don't feel like and don't have time to bother with connecting the lights. For this reason, our lights feature a simple plug & play system, which allows you to easily replace the old lights with the new lights. Besides easy installation, you are also assured of a 100% waterproof connection. No solder joints or home-made connectors for truck are required to install the LED lights.

Types of connectors for trucks

In the TRALERT® product range, we have different connectors. To better indicate the difference between them, the different connectors will be explained below.

Deutsch connector for trucks

A Deutsch connector is a commonly used connector when connecting lights to a truck. They are available in various lengths, with a maximum of 4 metres. The advantage of a Deutsch connector is that it is easy to connect in the cable system, unlike other truck connectors. With a Deutsch connector, it is also possible to connect a Deutsch connector to your existing cable with a connection set.

AMP Superseal connector truck

The AMP Superseal connector is a waterproof connector for truck, which can withstand exposure to fuel, oil, salt, etc. These connectors are used in many different industries such as agriculture, machinery and automotive. When you buy an AMP Superseal connector from TRALERT®, you can rest assured that these connectors are IEC529 and DIN40050 certified, regarding watertightness.

Do you have questions about truck connectors?

Would you like answers to all your questions about truck connectors? Then feel free to contact our product specialists. They are available five days a week to answer your questions about connectors. Besides answering product questions, they will be happy to advise you on choosing the right connectors.

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