TRALERT® Ypsilon

new generation of high-beam headlamps

With amber / white daytime running lights and integrated flash function.

Ypsilon series


The Ypsilon series are top-of-the-line spotlights. Equipped with the best optics, flashers, two-colour daytime running lights and high-quality Osram LEDs with a maximum light output of 8000 lumens. Discover Ypsilon 9LED and Ypsilon 12LED.


Ontwerp Ypsilon

  • Heat management

    The Ypsilon series are equipped with ETM, this thermal management system regulates internal heat development. The system contributes to the long service life of these LED spotlights.

  • Y design

    These multifunctional spotlights feature amber/white daytime running lights combined with bright amber flash function which provides extra visibility and safety.

  • Coated housing

    These Ypsilon LED spotlights feature a coated aluminium housing which has a similar protection to car paint. This prevents oxidation.

  • Hardened polycarbonate

    The models feature a toughened polycarbonate lens. It is much stronger than glass and therefore better protected against stone chips.

  • stainless steel bracket

    Thanks to the adjustable stainless steel brackets, easy and rock-solid mounting is guaranteed.


integrated flash units

In addition to daytime running lights in 2 colours, 4 amber flash patterns are selectable. Choose one of your preferred patterns to alert with.

WHITE / amber daytime running lamps

Ypsilon spotlights come with both white and amber orange light. When connecting, choose the style that fits best.

8000 lumens strong high beam

Illuminating with pure power. At 7800lm and 8000lm, the spotlights are extremely powerful. With several arranged horizontally, you can illuminate up to 500m far.

Connecting & mounting

Deutsch connector

Connection is via the supplied 3m cable with 6PIN deutsch connector

Connecting ypsilon spotlight

suitable bracket

The stainless steel brackets are easy to mount on your existing brackets. Fasten them with the supplied mounting spanner.

3m cable

You can easily connect the Ypsilon series with the 3m long cable. As a result, you will never be short of cable length.

Connecting cable spotlight

assembling and connecting

Do you have questions about connecting or assembling the Ypsilon series? Then consult our LED specialists.

ypsilon series 9' or 12'?

ypsilon series 9LED

The 7800-lumen high-beam headlamp with integrated R65 amber flashers and two-colour daytime running lights.


The 8000-lumen equipped spotlight with integrated R65 amber flashers and two colour daytime running lights.

beam size


Buy Ypsilon spotlight with daytime running lights


Order the Ypsilon 9LED and receive it first.

Ypsilon verstraler kopen met dagrijverlichting (2)

Ypsilon 12LED

Order the Ypsilon 12LED and receive it first.


Ypsilon 9LED 4x

A box containing 4 times Ypsilon 9LED.


A box containing 8 times Ypsilon 9LED.

Ypsilon 12LED 4x

A box containing 4 times Ypsilon 12LED.


A box containing 8 times Ypsilon 12LED.


3-year warranty

Our floodlights come with a 3-year warranty on all technical parts.

If problems occur within this period, we will replace the defective parts at no cost to you. This guarantee applies only to material and manufacturing defects and does not cover damage caused by improper use or accidents.

First order we ship for free

Upon purchase of the 4 sets.

To be ordered in bulk while stocks last

For initial installation or resellers.

Personal assistance everywhere

Also with assembly help.

One fixed party for all your lighting

Quality lighting and partnership.

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