Personal, technical support. This is what you can expect from TRALERT®. We have compiled the most common questions for you. Is your question not answered? Then please contact us.


If your ordered products are delivered from stock and you have placed the order with us before 15:00, you can expect the lighting to arrive the next day. 

TRALERT® lighting is reliably and accurately shipped with DHL Parcel.
In this case, the products need to be shipped from TRALERT® sub-warehouses. The average delivery time for this is 5-10 days. If this is different, you will be informed in a timely manner.
If you have placed a bulk order for products that are in stock, we will deliver them the next day. If the entire order cannot be delivered to you the next day, we will ship it in partial deliveries or, upon agreement, at a later time.
A custom order has various delivery times. Simple modifications such as cable lengths and connectors are produced by our technical department in our technical space. If your customization requires more extensive modifications, we need to schedule this during production. For this, we recommend contacting the TRALERT® product specialists.

Connecting lighting

The connection diagram for your purchased lighting is always included in the packaging. Here you will find instructions on how to connect the lighting.
If you have lost the connection diagram, you can find all connection diagrams here. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our technical department.


If your lamp is flickering, it can have various causes. Often, an unstable light signal is due to incorrect wiring, incorrect voltage, or issues with the Can-Bus.
The fact that not all LEDs in your lamp are lighting up can have various causes. The lamp may not be correctly connected, or your vehicle may be detecting the lighting incorrectly.


The warranty on TRALERT® lighting varies and can be found on the packaging or product page. Fristom lighting comes with a 2-year warranty. LED Autolamps comes with a 3-5 year warranty. TRALERT® lighting has an average warranty period of 3 years.
Indien jouw lamp niet naar behoren werkt, zoeken wij graag met jou uit wat hier de oorzaak van is. In het geval dat het een technisch defect betreft met betrekking tot interne componenten en jouw lamp valt binnen het garantietermijn, dan wisselen wij hem graag om voor een werkend exemplaar. Indien de lamp het heeft begeven door een foute aansluiting, valt dit niet binnen de garantie.

You return a product by sending the product back and adding the return form.

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As a European importer of exclusively LED vehicle lighting, TRALERT® is distinctive with a very complete range of high-quality vehicle lighting.

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