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Blue spot work lights

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A blue spot is essential on the work floor. Whenever forklift or reach trucks drive around your company, you will have to work with blue spots. This is to ensure the safety of all your employees and visitors. A blue spot on a forklift or reach truck ensures that the vehicle is clearly visible and that an employee or visitor can see it coming. The blue spot is ideal for seeing the direction in which the forklift is heading and whether the driver can see you. It's also useful in aisles, when the blue spot is suddenly visible it lets passers-by know that a forklift may be coming out of the aisle.

Blue spot werklamp

Why have a blue spot on a forklift truck?

A blue spot is essential on a forklift truck to ensure the safety of all people on the work floor. The chance of accidents becomes significantly smaller when a company uses blue spots. The light ensures that all people on the work floor can see clearly whether a forklift or reach truck is approaching. Especially when a forklift truck comes out of an aisle or around a corner. When a forklift truck or reach truck comes out of an aisle or around a corner, it is not visible at first. The blue spot lit behind the vehicle makes it easier to see that something is coming. This will prevent accidents.

As well as helping you to see a forklift, it can also help you to judge the direction in which it is heading. The blue spot is like an extension of the truck. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell in which direction a forklift or reach truck is moving. The blue spot on the ground makes it easier to estimate this.

In addition to the safety of pedestrians on the shop floor, the blue spot can also reduce damage. Pedestrians have a slow pace, other forklifts or other vehicles are already going faster. They need to be alerted to aisles and corners to see if another vehicle is approaching. A forklift truck naturally needs more time to come to a stop compared to a pedestrian. The blue dot therefore also prevents collisions between two vehicles.

Are there many accidents with forklift trucks?

A forklift truck can be very dangerous. It is not for nothing that you need a certificate to drive a forklift. Even so, many accidents happen every year. On average, there are 126 serious accidents involving forklift trucks. 36 of those accidents result in permanent injury. On average, there are four fatalities each year in forklift accidents. So it is not without reason that there are various options to improve safety. The blue spot is one of the options. In many cases, the lamp can prevent accidents and their consequences.

Installation of a blue spot

A blue spot is very easy to mount on a forklift or reach truck. The blue spot needs to be mounted on the back of the vehicle. The angle at which the lamp should be mounted depends on the situation. The position of the mounting obviously influences the position of the dot on the ground. The dot should be visible several metres behind the vehicle. When the light is too close to the forklift, the blue spot will be visible too late. The distance should not be too great either, as this can also cause hazards.

More options to improve safety

Besides the blue spot, there are other lighting options that contribute to workplace safety. A possible replacement for the blue spot is the Blue arrow. This lamp does not show a dot on the ground, but an arrow. In some situations this can be more convenient, but this is not always the case. Another option for the blue spot is the red semi-circle lamp. This lamp, as the name suggests, shows a semi-circle on the ground behind the forklift or reach truck.

Another option that does not count as a replacement is the red line safety lamp. This lamp is intended for the sides of the forklift truck. The red line means that passers-by cannot see if a forklift is coming around the corner. It is therefore separate from the blue spot and is not an alternative option. Of course, this lamp also contributes to safety in the workplace. This lamp ensures that people keep an appropriate distance. Curious about our entire range of safety work lamps?


Frequently asked questions

Why a blue spot from TRALERT®?

TRALERT® has been the specialist for LED vehicle lighting for many years. TRALERT® offers a wide range so that everyone can find their desired solution. If you have any questions you can always contact us. A technical team is ready to answer all your questions.

When can I expect my blue spot?

TRALERT® delivers most products from stock. This allows us to deliver quickly. If you order before 15:00 hours we will ship most products the same day. You can then expect it the very next day.

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