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LED beacon for tractor

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Signal for tractor

Flashing lights and beacons on a tractor, signals that increase road safety.But is it mandatory that your tractor is equipped with them? If the tractor, including the load, is wider than 2.60 m, a flashing light must be fitted on the public road. A licence is not required for this. If the tractor is narrower than 2.60 m, it must not have a flashing light.

Why use beacons on tractors?

The yellow flashing light was developed to warn other road users of approaching dangers. A yellow flashing light on a tractor can be used, for example, when mowing the green strip. In this way, other road users are made aware of the danger because you are easier to see, which leads to safer situations.

Which beacon is suitable for my tractor?

Certain certificates are required for the use of a beacon on a tractor, namely ECE-R65 and ECE-R10. ECE-R65 means that the light signal can be observed all around the vehicle (360 degrees). This is done from a distance of 20 metres from the vehicle, measured one and a half metres above the road surface.

The ECE-R10 standard is a type approval or test mark for the electrical system of a vehicle. If a beacon is approved according to ECE-R10, it means that it is approved according to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The certification is based on two characteristics, namely emitted interference and immunity to interference.

Any beacon that does not have the appropriate certification must not be used on public roads. TRALERT® beacons are all certified with the appropriate certificates.

Frequently asked questions

What is the delivery time for beacons?
TRALERT® has a large stock of LED beacons. If you place your order before 15:00, it will be delivered the next day. The order will be delivered by our reliable partner DHL.

Why should you choose TRALERT® LED beacons?
TRALERT® has a wide range of LED beacons. With multiple flash patterns, multi-voltage and high quality, we stand out from the competition. 12 to 24 V LED beacons are available. Our beacons are also extensively tested and therefore rarely fail. Should this occur, we offer a long warranty period so that the problem can be solved quickly.

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