TRALERT®, is not only committed to innovation and quality, but also contributes to society by supporting charitable causes. Our involvement extends from local to national initiatives, striving to have a positive impact on the community. Through this support, we affirm our commitment to a more sustainable and social world, in line with our vision as a leading supplier in the industry.


The Noordkaap Challenge represents the ultimate road trip to the northernmost point of Europe. Since 2011, this challenge has been organized annually in December. During the journey, teams take on various challenges to benefit the KWF (and other charities). The purpose of these challenges is to raise funds for research on a new medicine against neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. TRALERT® is proud to be a partner in this initiative and, during the 2023 edition, provided LED vehicle lighting for multiple teams, enabling them to navigate the winter conditions safely and with proper illumination.

In Actie voor KWF
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Everyone a healthy heart, now and in the future. That is the mission of the Heart Foundation. Cardiovascular diseases are the second leading cause of death in the Netherlands. They are also the main reason for hospital admissions. Currently, there are 1.7 million Dutch people with a heart or vascular condition. If nothing is done, there will be 1 million more in a few years. The Heart Foundation wants to address this, and TRALERT® supports this initiative.

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