Meaning: IP69K

What is IP69k?

IP classification stands for "International Protection". It is an indication of the degree of protection of the construction of electrical or electronic equipment against its own damage through use in "hostile environments" and against possible danger to the user. In other words, the IP rating is the value to which the device is resistant against external influences. The IP value always consists of two digits. The first digit indicates the degree to which the lamp is resistant to hard substances. The second digit indicates the degree of resistance against liquid substances.

The IP value indicates the resistance of the material to the penetration of water, objects, dust and the mechanical resistance of the material. 9 stands for moisture resistance. This means that the switch will continue to function in an environment where the humidity is 90% or higher, which is suitable for high-pressure cleaning.

In applications where equipment is often exposed to high pressure or high temperatures, the high IP68 rating was considered insufficient. Therefore, ISO created a special classification to test this intensive cleaning. In the IEC 60529 IP6 classification system, the ability of a product to withstand the ingress of dust refers to its ability to withstand the ingress of dust. Ninety thousand refers to the product's ability to withstand high temperature (steam) / high pressure. Only when a device passes this test is it considered IP69K certified and can be used in extreme conditions.

Different classification

It is important to note that IP69K does not have a higher rating than IP68. The fact that IP69K is a higher number does not mean that the coverage is higher or better than IP68. In fact, IP68 and IP69K are different test classifications. Both have the same first digit the "6", which protects against the penetration of solid objects and is classified as dustproof, but that's where the similarities end. IP68 classification for long submersion in water, IP69K as mentioned above includes high pressure cleaning at high temperatures. TRALERT® offers different LED lights which have IP68, IP69 and IP69K classification. For LED work lights applies that it is often mounted where there is a high risk of spray water. TRALERT® offers various LED lights and LED work lights that have a classification.

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