What is cob led?

COB is also known as 'Chip on Board', a technique in which the LED chips are close together. This allows for a neat display of the various LED light points.

cob led

How does COB LED work?

Previously, low power LEDs and high power LEDs were widely used. This ensured that the various light points were clearly visible, and these light points create the light image when the LED strip is on. You can read more about this in the term light pattern. This changed a few years ago with the launch of the first LED spotlights. The LEDs have a round shape, which is close to each other. This made it feasible to create an even, soft light. In the meantime, the technology has been improved by the use of even smaller LEDs and advances in reflective technology.

The difference between COB and SMD LED

"SMD" or "Surface Mounted Device" are LEDs that are soldered on a printed circuit board (surfacemounted). The price tag of SMD is generally lower than COB, but the quality is not as good. With COB LED lighting, there are many small LED chips in a pile. The LED chip is in fact a small LED panel. The technique is used by many LED brands and is generally considered to be of higher quality than for example the SMD technique.

What is Superflux?

COB LED is different from superflux, as these are less well-known LEDs. They are therefore not used in regular lamps, but mainly in light panels and emergency lighting. Because of their large housing, these LEDs are hardly ever used in regular lamps. Superflux LEDs have a larger spread angle than normal LEDs. This means they illuminate a larger area than standard LEDs. In addition, they are flatter and have 4 connection points. In short, a beautiful, very compact LED that provides more light than you would initially expect.

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