What is cob led?

COB stands for Chip-on-Board. Instead of using separate LED chips, multiple LED chips are directly placed on a printed circuit board. This configuration provides a powerful, uniform light emission with high brightness and efficiency.

cob led

How does COB LED work?

Previously, low power LEDs and high power LEDs were widely used. This ensured that the various light points were clearly visible, and these light points create the light image when the LED strip is on. You can read more about this in the term light pattern. This changed a few years ago with the launch of the first LED spotlights. The LEDs have a round shape, which is close to each other. This made it feasible to create an even, soft light. In the meantime, the technology has been improved by the use of even smaller LEDs and advances in reflective technology.

Advantages of the operation of COB-LED:

  1. Energy efficiency Because multiple chips are placed on a single surface, more light can be generated with less power. Additionally, COB LEDs are highly energy-efficient.
  2. High luminous output The closely spaced chips generate a concentrated light source with high lumens, ideal for powerful lighting needs such as in vehicles.
  3. Uniformity Because there is only one light source, the light is distributed more evenly, resulting in a uniform light emission without many shadows or hotspots.
  4. Thermal management The combined structure of COB-LEDs allows for better heat management, extending the lifespan of the light source.

Applications in vehicle lighting.

In voertuigverlichting zijn COB-LEDs ideaal voor koplampen, rear lights, binnenverlichting en meer. De hoge lichtopbrengst en energie-efficiëntie maken het een uitstekende keuze voor situaties waar zowel betrouwbaarheid als prestaties van cruciaal belang zijn.

Different wavelengths of COB-LEDs

Wavelength (nm)Colourapplications
10-400Ultraviolet (UV)Desinfectie, validering van bankbiljetten, medische toepassingen
450-495BlueDecorative lighting, aquarium lighting, medical applications
495-570GreenTraffic lights, displays
570-590YellowSignal indicators, vehicle lighting
590-620OrangeTurn signals, Warning signs
620-750RedStoplights, brake lights, heating applications
above 750Infrared (IR)Security cameras, remote controls, sensors