What is stainless steel?

RVS is the abbreviation for stainless steel. In very simple terms, stainless steel is metal that is resistant to external rust. However, stainless steel is not always completely rust-free. It is possible that stainless steel has a layer of rust. This layer is also called the oxide layer. However, this oxide layer cannot be seen. "Normal" rust can be recognised by the brown colour on steel. But what is the purpose of the oxide layer? Oddly enough, the thin layer of rust provides more protection against rust. When the thin layer is damaged, it can repair itself again. This ensures that the steel is always protected against external rust. Many people say that stainless steel stands for stainless steel, but that is not true. Stainless steel is not completely rust-free because of the oxide layer. The correct meaning is therefore stainless steel. Stainless steel comes in various grades. Real stainless steel is easy to recognise, because it is not magnetic.

Warum rostfreier Stahl?

Why is stainless steel used more and more these days? It simply brings several advantages. The biggest and most obvious advantage is of course that the material is resistant to external rust. But that is certainly not the only advantage. Stainless steel can be used in many situations. It is also extremely suitable for delivering customised work. Something that is also very important for TRALERT®.

Stainless steel at TRALERT®

Stainless steel is used in various TRALERT® products, especially in the bolts and brackets of LED work lights. Always make sure to apply a layer of grease, such as copper grease, between the bracket and the bolt and the aluminum of the lamp. Doing this prevents oxidation. By using this material, you not only ensure that the appearance of the lamp remains the same, but it also ensures that the installation remains simple.