January 18, 2021 Wessel Nuwenhof

How do good LED work lights stand out from the rest?

LED work lights come in all shapes and sizes of design, quality and light output. Some are suitable for a trailer and others for a trailer or excavator. To select the right lamp in this sea of different LED work lights can therefore be difficult. In this blog we will tell you more about what good LED work lights are and with what aspects a LED work light can distinguish itself from the rest.

Light output of good LED worklights


An important point of choosing the right LED worklight is of course the light output. This is usually expressed in the number of lumens (symbol: lm). This is a unit for luminous flux. A measure of the total visible light output that a light source emits. The reflector technology used is separate from this. Therefore, lumen may not be the very best measure of luminous intensity. Some LED work lights, for example, have a lower lumen content but due to the reflector technology have a much better/more beautiful spread of light.


Lux is the Latin meaning for light. This is another measure that identifies the power of light. It is actually the number of lumens per surface area. 1 Lux equals 1 lumen per m2. The image below plots the difference between the two measures. Lux is a more reliable measure of light output than lumen because it maps the light output to where good LED work lights shine.

Housing for good LED work lights

The type of housing also differs for each LED work light. For example, there are housings in graphene, plastic nylon, aluminum and a combination of these. Each with its own advantages and properties.


Graphene is 200 times more resistant to breaking than steel. In addition, graphene is an optimal (heat) conductor which contributes to the heat dissipation of the good LED work lights. Another big advantage is that graphene cannot rust and is a light material.

Plastic Nylon

This material can withstand both high and very low temperatures. It is also more robust and resists shocks well. This is important because a vehicle often vibrates for example when the engine is running. Good LED work lights are resistant to this which benefits their longevity.


Aluminum is a widely used material for its robustness. It is very solid which contributes to the strength of the enclosure. However, there is a difference to be made between 1st class aluminum and recycled aluminum. In this respect, scrap aluminum has a greater tendency to be affected by, for example, rust deposits.


A combination of the above materials is also used to utilize the best properties of each other. The inside of the LED worklight is then often made of Plastic Nylon and the outside of aluminum. This makes the inside resistant to shocks in combination with the good conductivity of the aluminum.

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Hallmarks of good LED worklights

It is very important that LED work lights comply with all approval marks. Otherwise they may not be used on public roads. This is approved by the RDW. In addition, a CE mark must be engraved in the housing of the LED work light. All LED work lights in the TRALERT® assortment comply with all these approvals to be allowed to participate in traffic.

IP values

IP (International Protection rating) values include the degree of protection against external substances. IP values are expressed in two digits. The first is the degree to which the work lamp is resistant to solids such as dust. The second is the degree to which the lamp is resistant to water and moisture.

The most common IP values from least to best resistant to external influences are:

  • IP20: Dustproof
  • IP21: Drip-proof
  • IP23: Rainwater-proof
  • IP44: Splash proof
  • IP54: Splashproof and dustproof
  • IP65 Protected against water jets
  • IP67: Dustproof and waterproof for 30 minutes
  • IP68: Dustproof and fully waterproof
  • IP69: Dustproof, waterproof and high pressure resistant

You can imagine how important these values are. Good LED work lights therefore only start from IP68 so that they can withstand all weather conditions and you can rely on your lighting.

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