Choosing an LED work light 12v or opting for a 24v LED work light? Depending on the type of vehicle you have, there are different LED work lights to choose from.

The difference between the type of voltage in work lights is classified into several categories, namely LED work lights 12v, LED work lights 24v and LED work lights multi-voltage. Voltage is also known as an electronic voltage. An electric voltage can be caused by several causes, namely an electric field, an electric conductor moving transversely with respect to a magnetic field, a battery or a rechargeable battery. The voltage of electricity is indicated by the amount of volts flowing through the circuit of a device. This blog will shed more light on which type of work lights are suitable for certain vehicles.

LED worklight 12v

Since the Dakar rally, we have seen an increase in use of the LED work lights for car vehicles. This has everything to do with the good quality of the TRALERT® LED work lights 12v. This is because our LED lights can be used in severe weather conditions. This makes TRALERT®'s high quality LED lights a reliable partner even when the weather is bad for you. Small vehicles on which the LED worklights 12v can be mounted are vans, trailers and semitrailers.

LED werklampen 12v voertuigen

LED worklight 12v

LED work lights 24v are suitable for the heavier types of vehicles. Here you can think of vehicles such as trucks, trailers and large trailers. Starting these vehicles releases a heavier electrical voltage than small vehicles. If you have a larger vehicle at your disposal, we recommend fitting at least LED work lights that are 12-24v resistant. This will ensure that the LED work lights can handle the amount of electrical voltage.

LED werklampen 24v voertuigen

LED worklight multivoltage

In addition to LED work lamps at the voltage levels of 12 volts and 24 volts, TRALERT®'s range also has LED work lamps that have a voltage rating of 9-36v. These LED work lights have the advantage that they can also withstand peak voltages. When the vehicle is started, a powerful electrical voltage can be generated, causing the voltage to temporarily rise far above 24v. The multivoltage LED work lights are able to absorb this blow, where work lights with a lower voltage level can break down in such a situation. We therefore recommend always choosing multivoltage work lights for large vehicles.

LED werklamp 12v voertuigen multivoltage

High voltage LED worklights

The fourth category of LED work lights we discuss in this blog is the category of high voltage LED work lights. The work lights in this category can withstand an electrical voltage of up to 110 volts, making them the most powerful work lights in the TRALERT® range. Unlike the 12v LED work light, this LED work light can be mounted on vehicles with high voltage, such as forklifts.

LED werklamp 12v voertuigen high voltage

Want to know more about which LED work lights are suitable for your vehicles?

Want to know more about which LED work lights are best suited for your vehicle? At TRALERT® you have five days a week technical experts at your disposal who are only too happy to answer your questions about LED lighting.