December 7, 2020 Daan Lap

How to connect a LED work light on a trailer?

Despite the fact that it is not common, it is possible to connect LED work lights to a trailer. In this blog we will tell you more about connecting work lights to a trailer. In addition, we explain what to look for when looking for the right LED work lights for on your trailer or trailer.

An LED work light on a trailer is actually an addition to the normal set of lights. The normal set of lights on a trailer consists of: combination taillights (taillight, brake light, turn signal light, fog light and a triangular reflector), marker lights and broadside lights.

The LED work lights are not necessary on a trailer. In addition, the work lights may not be used on public roads. As the name of the lighting category already partly betrays, the work lights are intended to be used exclusively while working in the dark.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten

Connecting work lights on trailer as reverse light

In many cases, LED work lights on a trailer serve as a reverse light. This category of work lights is indicated by means of an ECE-R23 certification.

When using an R23 certified LED worklight, it is important that the worklight is placed no higher than 1.2 meters and no lower than 0.25m. This creates a specific angle of 30 degrees, which can prevent dazzling to traffic behind.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten

LED work light mounted on a trailer.

LED work lights fail when connected to trailer

When you connect work lights to your trailer, the towing vehicle may not detect the LED lights. This is because the LEDs do not require enough power from the towing vehicle, that the vehicle does not detect the lights. This problem can be remedied by adding a power resistor to the vehicle. A power resistor allows the lights to be recognized and the lights to work properly.

The towing vehicle may not detect the LED lights causing an error message. This is because LED requires so little power that the towing vehicle does not detect it. By placing a resistor in front of it, the vehicle will recognize the lights so that it will no longer cause failures.

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LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten

Connecting work lights to a trailer can be done through different connections

There are several ways to connect an LED worklight to a trailer. Below the most common connections are explained in more detail.

Deutsch connector

The Deutsch connector is a commonly used connector when connecting the work light to a trailer and are available in different lengths up to 4 meters. The advantage of a Deutsch connector is that the assembly in the cable system is easy to connect compared to other connectors.

Of course, it can happen that an LED worklight on your trailer is broken. In such a case, replacing the worklight is very easy. You can very easily disconnect the broken worklight and replace it with a new LED worklight. This is because the LED worklights are equipped with a simple Deutsch connector.

The Deutsch connectors come in different lengths with the possibility of branching. This allows you to connect more work lights to your trailer. It is also possible to connect a Deutsch connector to your existing cable with a connection set.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten met behulp van een Deutsch connector

Connecting LED work lights to trailer using a Deutsch connector.

AMP Superseal connector

The AMP Superseal connector is a waterproof connector that can withstand harsh conditions such as exposure to fuel, oil, salt etc. These connectors are used in many different industries such as agriculture, machinery and automotive and therefore good to use when you want to connect a work light to a trailer.

Please note that the connectors are IEC529 and DIN40050 certified for water tightness.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten met behulp van een AMP Superseal connector

Connect LED work lights to trailer using an AMP Superseal connector.

Connection box/distribution box

De aansluitingen worden gekoppeld met behulp van een verdeeldoos. Deze connection box kan gebruikt worden als centrale box waarin de aansluitingen worden gekoppeld. Deze kan goed gebruikt worden wanneer je werklampen wilt aansluiten op een aanhanger. Vanuit het trekkende voertuig gaat er een centrale kabel naar de verdeeldoos waaruit alle verlichting wordt aangestuurd op de aanhanger.