Although it's not common, it is possible to connect LED work lights to a trailer. In this blog, we will tell you more about connecting work lighting to a trailer. Additionally, we will explain what to consider when searching for the right LED work lights for your trailer.

A LED work lamp on a trailer is actually an addition to the regular set of lights. The normal set of lights on a trailer consists of: combination rear lights (tail light, brake light, turn signal, fog light, and a triangle reflector), marker lights, and width lamps.

The LED work lamps are not necessary on a trailer. Additionally, the work lamps may not be used on public roads. As the name of the lighting category partially suggests, the work lamps are exclusively intended for use during work in the dark.

Connecting work lamps to a trailer as reverse lights

In many cases, the LED work lamps on a trailer serve as reverse lights. This category of work lamps is indicated by an ECE-R23 certification.

When deciding to connect an additional reverse light, it is important to observe the following guidelines. When using an R23 certified LED work lamp, it is important that the work light is not positioned higher than 1.2 meters and not lower than 0.25 meters. This creates a specific angle of 30 degrees, which helps prevent glare for following traffic. Connecting an additional reverse light is of great value when you need to reverse your trailer in the dark. This form of additional lighting ensures that you have sufficient visibility of what is happening behind you.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten

LED work lights cause a malfunction when connected to the trailer.

When you connect work lights to your trailer, it's possible that the towing vehicle may not detect the LED lighting. The reason for this is that the LEDs draw too little power from the towing vehicle, causing it not to detect the lighting. This problem can be solved by adding a power resistor to the vehicle. Adding a power resistor allows the lighting to be recognized, and the lights will work properly.

In addition to resolving the malfunction, you could also choose LED lighting that already comes with a CAN-bus proof solution. This will also solve the problem of your towing vehicle not detecting the LED lighting. By opting for a CAN-bus solution, the vehicle will recognize the LED lighting, eliminating any malfunctions.

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TRSW587204R: LED R23-achteruitrijlamp met 1000 lumen.

Het 12W LED achterlicht is een officieel gecertificeerde achteruitrijlamp. Door de ruime voltage range van 9 – 36 volt is deze lamp uitermate geschikt om piekspanningen op te vangen. De robuuste IP68 aluminium behuizing verzekert u van een lange levensduur.

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LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten

Connecting work lights to a trailer can be done through various connections

Er zijn verschillende mogelijkheden om een LED werklamp aan te sluiten op een aanhanger. Hieronder de meest voorkomende aansluitingen verder toegelicht.

Deutsch connector

The Deutsch connector is a commonly used connector when connecting the work lamp to a trailer and is available in various lengths up to 4 meters. The advantage of a Deutsch connector is that it is easy to connect in the cable system compared to other connectors.

It can of course happen that an LED work lamp on your trailer is damaged. In such a case, replacing the work lamp is very easy. You can easily disconnect the broken work lamp and replace it with a new LED work lamp. This is because the LED work lamps are equipped with a simple Deutsch connector.

The Deutsch connectors come in various lengths with the possibility of branches, allowing you to connect more work lamps to your trailer. Additionally, it is also possible to connect a Deutsch connector to your existing cable with a connection kit.

LED werklampen aanhanger aansluiten met behulp van een Deutsch connector
Connecting LED work lights to a trailer using a Deutsch connector.

AMP Superseal connector

The AMP Superseal connector is a waterproof connector that is resistant to harsh conditions such as exposure to fuel, oil, salt, etc. These connectors are used in many different industries such as agriculture, machinery, and the automotive industry, making them suitable for connecting work lights to a trailer.

Pay attention to the fact that the connectors are IEC529 and DIN40050 certified for water resistance.

Connecting an LED work lamp to a trailer using an AMP Superseal connector
Connecting an LED work lamp to a trailer using an AMP Superseal connector

Connection box/junction box

The connections are linked using a connection box. This connection box can be used as a central box where the connections are linked. This can be useful when you want to connect work lights to a trailer. From the towing vehicle, a central cable goes to the distribution box from which all the lighting on the trailer is controlled.

The choice of TRALERT®

Als u op zoek bent naar een goede werklamp voor de aanhanger dan heeft TRALERT® een aantal toppers in huis. Denk hierbij aan slagvaste en zeer sterke lampen die tegen een stootje kunnen.

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