LED work light with magnet? The advantages and disadvantages!

When picking out a new (rechargeable) LED worklight you may be considering an LED worklight with a magnet. Very understandable, considering you are a lot more flexible in placing and adjusting the light source on your vehicle. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of LED worklights with a magnet? TRALERT® will be happy to help you on your way to the best lighting.

Advantages of magnetic LED work lights

A rechargeable LED worklight with a magnet has significant advantages over LED worklights without a magnet. First of all, there is the freedom of placement. A traditional LED worklight is mounted to the body of a vehicle using a tripod and screws. Because of this "fixed mounting" the worklight is difficult to move. A LED worklight with a magnet (base) has greater freedom of movement in this case. Another advantage of a rechargeable LED worklight with magnet is the independence of voltage.

In many cases, the level of voltage must be considered when purchasing an LED work light. A LED worklight that supports 12v cannot be connected to the voltage of a truck (24v). The internal components and associated resistors are not designed for this. With a LED worklight with magnet and battery, you do not have to worry about this. The voltage of your vehicle is not consulted.

LED Worklight with Magnet

Disadvantages of magnetic LED work lights

Of course, there are also disadvantages to LED work lights with magnets. For example, mobile LED work lights are in most cases less powerful than traditional LED work lights. Underlying this is the lesser lumen output of the lights.

With a battery, it is necessary to make consessions in brightness/number of hours of light. For this reason, in most cases, LED work lights with a magnet and a battery, have less brightness than those mounted directly on truck/car power.

LED work lights without battery but with magnetic base, are equipped with a curly cord that receives power via the 12v socket (cigarette socket). So you will have to stretch this from your cabin through the window to the appropriate place on your vehicle. This can be inconvenient or uncomfortable in winter days.

Loose magnetic base with traditional LED work lights?

As an interim solution for our existing customers, in many cases we also offer a separate magnetic base for our LED worklights. This makes it possible for a LED worklight, which was originally not equipped with a magnetic base, to work with a magnetic base. Because many of our lights are equipped with the waterproof Deutsch-Connector, it is possible to provide these LED work lights with 12v suitable curly cable. Of course we can also support you in assembling the right cable (connection). For this we ask you to contact our specialists.

Magnetic base for LED worklight

TRSW12010MG: Magnet for LED worklights. Practically applicable to all TRALERT® work lamps. Easy to mount by swapping existing screw mount with the magnet(s).

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MAGNEET LED werklamp

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