When choosing a new (rechargeable) LED work light, you may be considering a model with a magnet. This is understandable because it provides more flexibility when placing and aiming the light on your vehicle. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of LED work lights with a magnet? TRALERT® is ready to assist you in finding the best lighting solution.

Advantages of LED work lights with a magnet

A rechargeable LED work light with a magnet offers significant advantages compared to work lights without a magnet. The first notable benefit is the freedom of placement. Traditional LED work lights are mounted on the vehicle with a tripod and screws, resulting in a fixed position and limited mobility. With an LED work light with a magnetic base, on the other hand, you have more freedom of movement. Another advantage of a rechargeable LED work light with a magnet is the independence from a power source.

When buying an LED work light, it is often important to consider the correct voltage. An LED work light suitable for 12V cannot be connected to a 24V power system, for example, in a truck. This is because the internal components and resistors are not suitable for this higher voltage. With an LED work light with a magnet and battery, this is not a concern. You don't have to worry about your vehicle's voltage because these lights are not dependent on the vehicle's voltage.

Disadvantages of LED work lights with a magnet

Of course, there are also disadvantages to an LED work light with a magnet. In most cases, mobile LED work lights are less powerful than traditional LED work lights. This is due to the lower lumen output of the lighting.

With a battery, it is necessary to make concessions in terms of brightness/number of hours of light. Therefore, in most cases, LED work lights with a magnet and a battery have less brightness than those directly mounted on the voltage of trucks/cars.

LED work lights without a battery but with a magnetic base often have a coiled cord that receives power through the 12V connection (cigarette lighter socket). This cord needs to be led from the cabin through the window to the right spot on the vehicle. This can be inconvenient, especially during winter days.

Loose magnetic base with traditional LED work lights?

Als tussenoplossing voor onze bestaande klanten, bieden wij in veel gevallen ook een losse magneetvoet aan bij onze LED werklampen. Hierbij is het mogelijk een LED werklamp zonder magneet toch met een magneetvoet te laten werken. Doordat veel van onze verlichting is uitgerust met de waterdichte Deutsch-Connector, is het mogelijk deze LED werklampen te voorzien van 12v geschikte krulsnoerkabels. Uiteraard kunnen wij u ook ondersteunen in het assembleren van de juiste kabel (aansluiting). Hiervoor vragen wij je contact op te nemen met onze specialisten.

Magnetic base for LED worklight

TRSW12010MG: Magnet for LED worklights. Practically applicable to all TRALERT® work lamps. Easy to mount by swapping existing screw mount with the magnet(s).

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