What to pay attention to when mounting your work lights

Customers of our dealers often wonder what they should pay attention to when fitting their LED work lights. Of course, we understand that correctly connecting and adjusting your work lights is a specialist art. That is why we would like to tell you what you should pay attention to and why a homogeneous (LED) lighting equipment is invaluable on your tractor. Safe working starts with good visibility.

Homogeneously adjusted worklights tractor

A non-homogeneously lit work environment brings unsafe situations

The following image shows an example where the LED work lights are mounted in a poor manner compared to a well-lit work area. The LED lights on the tractor are not properly adjusted or equipped. This results in a poorly lit work environment. You can recognize a poorly lit work environment by the individual beams of light that are seen uncoordinated between the light beams on the work field. These uncoordinated dark spots can be seen in the comparison photo below (photo 1). The result of this setup of work lights creates an abrupt, sharp light-dark border on the sides of the tractor and dark spots on the front of your tractor. As a result, you may not recognize hazards in time, and a truly safe work environment is thus out of the question.

Homogeneously adjusted worklights
Non-homogenously illuminated workstation photo 1 vs. homogenously illuminated workstation photo 2

An example where the coordinated arrangement LED work lights is correct

Of course, with properly adjusted homogeneous lighting, this is a different story. By distributing the work light evenly around your tractor you ensure that these dark, abrupt dark/light spots are no longer there.  The focus of the light from the worklight is in the middle and the softer parts of the light beam cross each other at the right moment. This creates a uniformly clear view in all directions around your tractor. This enables you as an operator to recognize hazards earlier and react to them more accurately. Which is good for you and your colleagues. In the picture above (photo 2) you can see an example of a work environment that is correctly illuminated by work lights.

The most important factors to consider while mounting your LED work lights

There are four essential components in creating a homogeneously lit work environment. These components can be divided into:

The reflector of the LED work light

At TRALERT® we attach great importance to the reflector of the worklight. In the development of the work lights, as part of our customers' application, we pay extra attention to the desired light image. We ensure that the reflector surfaces that bring the light to the work area are optimal and correctly reflective. For example, TIR. and RFT lens technologies are used. The application of the reflector lens can be different for each worklight. For example, you have lenses specifically for 'wide beam' and lenses specifically for distant beam. In order to provide your tractor with a homogeneously lit work environment in the vicinity, we recommend a wide beam worklight. If you are looking for spotlights, you might consider an LED bar or our smaller spotlights.

The mounting height of the LED work lights | Advice: at least two meters

Homogeneous lighting on your tractor is only possible with a high mounting. Hence, TRALERT® recommends that you maintain a minimum height of 2 meters when mounting a work light. In most cases the work lights are therefore mounted on the roof of your tractor. This is the place that meets the 2m requirement to provide the correct lighting angle to create a homogeneously lit workplace.

Minimum height for mounting worklight
Minimum height for mounting worklight

Positioning for mounting an LED worklight

Because the recommendation is at two feet for mounting a work light, the roof of your tractor is a common place for mounting. Other common places to mount work lights are the fender and mirror bar. Often these are smaller TRALERT® work light models used to illuminate, for example, one special function. When mounting on the roof, look carefully at your tractor roof to discover if there are prepared spots for the TRALERT® work lights. Often in the places of the existing halogen lights you can mount our LED worklights. If this is not the case, you can always ask a TRALERT® product specialist. Would you like to illuminate special areas? Additional work lights can always be mounted on the mirror rail or fender, for example.

Common mounting locations for LED worklights

The set inclination angle of the working light

We recommend that you pay close attention to the correct adjustment of the work lights in order to achieve a homogeneously illuminated work area. Only properly adjusted work lights lead to an optimum light pattern. Make sure you set the inclination so that you no longer have any "blind spots" between the light beams. Is the current equipment of working lights on your tractor insufficient? Then look at the heavy duty TRALERT® lights for even more light output.

Adjusting worklight inclination

The TRALERT range of work lamps®

At Tralert®, you will find a very wide range of LED vehicle lights, as mentioned earlier. Through our dealer channel you can easily order all work lights directly from stock. The wide range is composed of standard LED worklights to professional heavy duty LED worklights, from a wide beamed LED worklight to an auxiliary headlight. Because we understand that you may need both worklights for your tractor and your car, we have equipped the worklights with a wide voltage range from 9-30v to 9-110v (high voltage). In addition, we have simplified the connection by using various, common safe connections. These include, among others, the Deutsch connector, Super Seal and AMP. In short, a solution to almost every question. Have you not been able to find what you are looking for? Let us know and we will see if we can help you further with your specific needs regarding a LED worklight.

Order your LED work lights at TRALERT®

Ordering a led work light from Tralert® is simple and fast. For example, as a TRALERT® dealer, you can easily order the work light online through the dealer portal. Should you need more technical information before you are sure about your order? Do not hesitate to contact our product specialists. They will be happy to help you create a homogeneously lit work environment.

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