What is a Deutsch connector?

A Deutsch connector is a specialized type of connector used to connect electrical circuits, especially in environments where a robust and secure connection is essential. These connectors are specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions such as shocks, vibrations, moisture, and dirt. The Deutsch connector is modular, meaning it is adaptable for various electrical needs, and is made from materials resistant to heavy-duty usage conditions. An important feature is that they provide a reliable seal that protects the electrical components inside from water and dust, making them ideal for outdoor use or in humid environments.

Various types of connectors

Er zijn twee verschillende type Deutsch connectoren, de male en de female-deutsch-connector. De male Deutsch connector (ook wel stekker genoemd) heeft een massieve pin als middengeleider. Een female Deutsch connector (ook wel jack genoemd) heeft een middengeleider met een gat erin om de mannelijke stekker in te kunnen steken. Naast de male en female uitvoeringen zijn de connectoren ook verkrijgbaar met verschillende aansluitingen. Zo is er altijd een aansluiting beschikbaar voor uw lamp. De verschillende soorten zijn hieronder opgesomd:

  • 2-Pins male/female
  • 3-Pins male/female
  • 4-Pins male/female
  • 6-Pins male/female
  • 8-Pins male/female
  • 12-Pins male/female

Connection Deutsch connector

Connecting the Deutsch connectors is fairly simple. First, the ends of the cables of your lamp have to be stripped 5mm. Secondly, the cables need to be mounted in the metal connectors. For this a special pair of socket pliers is recommended. The socket goes into the pliers and the cables go into the socket. You can use the pliers to press the cable and the bushing together. The third step is to put the bushing (including the cable) on the back of the Deutsch connector through the metal part of the connector. Rubber The bushings must be flush with the front of the connector. The bushings should be level with the front of the connector. Finally, insert the green wedge at the front into the connector. Press firmly until the wedge is secure.