What are driving lights?

A Driving light is a lamp that can be used in many different sectors. Driving lights are used in the off-road world but also in the agricultural, transport and shipping sectors, for example. An LED Driving light gives a bright light pattern. Sommige verstralers zijn uitgerust met dagrijverlichting. Hierdoor zijn de verstralers ook overdag te gebruiken om beter zichtbaar te zijn in bijvoorbeeld het verkeer. Omdat een LED verstraler voor veel verschillende voertuigen wordt gebruikt zijn veel verstralers multivoltage uitgerust. Een verstraler wordt ook wel een spotbeam genoemd.

Difference between Driving light and wide-beam headlamps

The difference between a Driving light and a wide-beam headlamp is fairly easy to explain. In fact, the answer is already in the name. An atomiser specialises in providing light far to the front. You can work very precisely with it because the lamp spreads its light at an angle of 30 degrees or less. A wide beam spreads the light around more. As a result, the light does not reach as far compared to a Driving light but you can see more around it. There is also lighting that can be used for both, this is a Combination Light.


Most Driving lights are multi-voltage equipped. This is because they can be used in many different situations. This means that the lamp works at different voltages. Multivoltage ranges from 12-24v to 9-36v. There is always a bulb suitable for your connection.

Driving lights from TRALERT®

other. This can be related to the method of attachment, the color, with or without daytime running lights, but also the shape. A different one is required for every situation. If you want more information about TRALERT's driving lights, view these models. In addition to the individual driving lights, they are also available in bulk. View the entire range of LED driving lights from TRALERT® here. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.