Combi Beam

Definition: Combi beam

What is a combi beam?

Wat is nou precies een combistraler? Een combistraler is een combinatie van een verstraler en een breedstraler. Verstralers en breedstralers zijn twee veel voorkomende typen verlichting met elk eigen specifieke eigenschappen. Beide verlichtingen zijn inzetbaar voor andere doeleinden. Een combistraler kan zowel als verstraler en als breedstraler ingezet worden. Een ideale oplossing voor situaties waarin beide verlichtingen afwisselend gebruikt worden.

Driving light and wide-angle light in one

A combi heater is therefore a combination of a spotlight and a wide beam. Not all LED bars are also combination radiators. Radiators are used in many different situations. LED driving lights give a clear light pattern and are intended to make objects in the distance clearly visible. This is possible because spotlights have a concentrated beam. A wide beam is something else again. These are intended to provide the immediate vicinity of the vehicle with a bright light. The difference is actually already contained in the name. The combination spotlight is therefore the ideal solution for vehicles that need to be equipped with both spotlights and wide beams.

Multivoltage equipped

Just like the main-beam headlamps and the main-beam headlamps, the TRALERT® combination spotlights are often equipped with multivoltage. The LED bars that work as combination radiators can therefore easily be used on different vehicles. Each vehicle has a different voltage. When a lamp is multivoltage equipped it makes it work within the indicated voltages. This can be from 12 volts to 24 volts but also from 9 volts to 36 volts. This differs per lamp.

A combination spotlight is therefore the solution for many situations. The lights can be used for different vehicles due to the multivoltage and also for different purposes due to the combination of wide-angle and narrow-beam lights. If you have any questions about TRALERT® combination radiators, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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