what is a cable stripper?

A cable stripper is a special machine or cutting tool used for stripping wires/cables. With this, you can guide and separate existing insulators (often plastic or rubber) from the conductors. This makes it possible to establish an electrical connection. A cable stripper eliminates damage that may occur if the cable is not properly peeled with a knife or pliers. Many models of wire strippers are used today in both the do-it-yourself sector and by professionals. Cable strippers are often used alongside a crimping tool when working on the cables of, for example, LED work lights.

Cable stripper

What types of strippers are there?

First, you have a universal cable stripper(s) that is very simple in structure and function. The pliers have a round or V-shaped opening that cannot be completely closed. If there is no fixed size defined to fit the diameter of the cable, you can adjust the cutting tool manually. Then you can be sure that the insulation is cut through and removed. You also have automatic wire strippers. These are slightly larger and much more complex in construction than traditional wire strippers. These wire strippers are professional tools. Because of this, the tools in this product category are more expensive, can be used in specialised fields and work quickly and safely.

what is an automatic cable stripper?

An automatically adjustable cable stripper is useful when you need to strip wires regularly. The pliers themselves work faster because they measure how deep the knife or blade should be set in relation to the diameter of the cable. These stripping pliers often have other features, such as tensioning of cable shoes, and are therefore multifunctional.

DIY cutting method:

No need for a stripper! All you need is a cutting blade and thick gloves. The knife you choose must be very sharp. You should wear thick gloves to protect you from cuts and bruises caused by cutting. The process of cutting to strip a wire begins by marking the point or length you want to strip. Then hold the knife or cutting blade you have above the mark. Press down and twist the wire. As you turn the wire, the blade cuts through the insulation. Make sure you press it a little lightly so as not to cut through the wire inside. As soon as you see the wire, grab the end of the wire and pull the insulation off. You can grab it with pliers or by hand. After this, the cables are stripped and ready for use!