What is a cable connector?

A cable connector is a component that allows you to connect connections of power cables together. A connector can connect two or more cables together. There are several types of connectors suitable for connecting your LED vehicle lighting to connect. Examples include a cable connector, a junction box and a heat shrink. More on that later.

What to use a cable connector for?

A cable connector is commonly used to connect electrical cables from lighting. This can include both indoor and outdoor lighting around the house, but also LED vehicle lighting. Cable connectors are used in our market to, for example, connect LED work lights or to extend a cable from LED marker lights.

How do I create a watertight connection?

As for the LED lighting itself, it is important that the cable connector is waterproof. TRALERT® LED lighting is waterproof to withstand all weather conditions. Therefore, the cable connector must also be so to prevent malfunctions or short circuits. You can check this by looking at the IP value watch. The IP rating represents the value against which the device can withstand external influences. For LED vehicle lighting and associated connections, we therefore recommend a value of IP67 or higher. This means the product is fully dustproof and waterproof.

Which kind should I use?

The most suitable cable connector is the waterproof cable connector. This is a simple and secure way to connect two cables. Usually, this connector has 4-wire cable connections. An advantage of the waterproof cable connector is the IP rating of IP68. This makes the connector particularly suitable for mounting on vehicles that drive through all weather conditions.

Een andere optie die regelmatig gebruikt wordt om kabels aan elkaar te verbinden is een lasdoos. Hiermee kun je gemakkelijk een verbinding leggen. Het nadeel is echter dat een goedkope lasdoos lang niet altijd waterdicht is, waardoor gebruik hiervan minder geschikt is op voertuigen. Tenslotte wordt er bij het monteren van LED verlichting regelmatig gebruik gemaakt van een krimpkous. Hiermee kun je goedkoop een waterdichte verbinding creëren.

How to mount a cable connector?

As mentioned above, a waterproof cable connector is easy and safe to assemble. If you follow the steps below, the connector is quickly connected.

  • Stap 1: Allereerst is het van belang dat er geen stroom op de kabels staat. Zorg ervoor dat de accupolen los gekoppeld zijn.
  • Step 2: Next, strip one to two centimetres of the cable's outer jacket, followed by half a centimetre of the conductors. To do this, we recommend using a Cable stripper to be used.
  • Step 3: Now you can connect the wires of the cables in the cable connector. First loosen the grommets, then insert the cables through the grommets and don't forget to slide the included rubbers over the cables. Start by connecting the earth and then connect the remaining wires. Finally, tighten the grommets again and check that everything is tight and tightened. So you can hit the road safely and well-lit.
Cable connector