Wat is coolbeam

If you are looking for lighting, you may have come across the term coolbeam. But what is it exactly? A coolbeam is a particular type of halogen lamp, which can only be used in a few fixtures. A coolbeam lamp is designed to divert its heat from the light beam. These lamps can still produce the same amount of waste heat as normal lamps, but their design allows them to direct the heat to the sides or back of the lamp. Another word for a coolbeam lamp, it is also called a cool beam lamp. Coolbeam lamps are useful in situations where heat-sensitive objects need to be illuminated. The type of light is designed to direct heat away from the beam. Coolbeam radiates warm spirit light out with a lot of lumens. Lumen says something about the actual light that the lamp radiates.

Dichroic reflector

A dichroic interference filter is a colour filter used to selectively allow light of a small number of colours to pass through while reflecting other colours. One side of the lamp housing is reflective, so the light that is emitted in that direction is reflected. A dichroic reflector works by reflecting a certain spectrum of light while allowing all the others to pass through. The filter reflects light but does not emit it itself. Dichroic reflectors and filters are useful in a variety of applications. In the case of "coolbeam" lamps, they are designed to reflect the visible light spectrum through the front of the lamp, while invisible infrared light passes through and out of the back of the lamp. The most important thing is that the object reflects the radiation. Because of the filter, the heat emission is much lower.

An alternative Cooling Beam Lamp

An alternative to heat lamps in applications where they can be dangerous is the LED lamp. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A diode is an electrical component with two electrodes through which electricity flows. LED lamps are available in different colours and colour temperatures. From 1800 Kelvin (warm white light) to 6500 Kelvin (daylight). The biggest advantage of an LED lamp is its high energy efficiency, because no energy is lost in heating the filament, LED lamps are up to 90% efficient. LED lights requires a constant current instead of a constant voltage.

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