Significance: ECE-R87

The ECE-R87 represents daytime running lights. Daytime running lamps are the latest in automotive lighting. This modern lighting system often consists of a range of 5 to 10 LED lights. The LED lights can be arranged in a straight line or in a circle. As you can get out of the name, these lights are perfect for day use. But the use of daytime running lights During the day, it is not mandatory in the Netherlands, but it can support your visibility.

What is ECE?

ECE stands for Economic Commission Europe. This commission is setting out directives to which products such as helmets and fish must comply. ECE also ensures that these products have been tested. This is the same commission that the E-label handles.

legislation regarding ECE-R87

the presence of dagrijverlichting (ECE-R87) is mandatory on motor vehicles and prohibited on trailers. The daytime running lights on the front of your car must shine forward, with a brilliant white colour. It is also mandatory to have two separate daytime running lights on your motor vehicle, spaced at least 600 mm apart. For vehicles with an overall width of less than 1300 mm, the distance may be reduced to 400 mm.

Furthermore, the daytime running lamp shall not be mounted less than 250 mm and not more than 1500 mm above the road. The point on the apparent surface in the direction of the reference axis furthest from the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle shall not be more than 400 mm from the outer edge of the vehicle. In 2011, automatic daytime running lights were made mandatory for all new cars and must come on when the ignition is on or the engine is running. Since 2012, it has also been applied to trucks and buses. Daytime running lights switch off when the city lights or dipped-beam headlights are switched on. The display of daytime running lights is not mandatory for vehicles before the above-mentioned years.

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