What is a PUR cable?

A PUR cable, also known as polyurethane, is a cable with a jacket made of PUR. When a cable rubs against the ground or other surfaces frequently, the chances of wear and tear are high. The cable won't last long, causing the connected devices to lose power. By using a PUR cable, the likelihood of wear and tear is much lower. Additionally, the cable is highly suitable as an extension cord. During use, extension cords almost always rub against the ground. If you intend to use the cable as an extension cord, always choose a bright color. This will make the cable more visible during work. The cable is rarely used in vehicles.

Advantages of PUR cable

Compared to a normal cable, a PUR cable has many advantages. First of all, the cable is very wear-resistant, which promotes durability. Rapid replacement with a new cable is therefore not necessary. In this way, many cables are saved. In addition, PUR cables are lightweight. This ensures that the cables fall within the ARBO-standards. The cables are also resistant to chemicals and are flexible at low temperatures. And you don't have to worry about high temperatures either. The cable is heat-resistant.

What to do if the cable is broken?

It's certainly frustrating when your cable has been damaged, and your lighting, such as your LED driving light or reverse light, no longer works. TRALERT® offers you the solution and support you need. In our range, various types of wiring are available. These include high-quality wiring harnesses, 7-PIN's AMP connectors, plugs/adapters, Aspöck ASS2 connectors, and Deutsch connectors. If you are having trouble with the cable connections, you can always ask our technical department for assistance. They are available five days a week.