Definition: Highbeam

What is highbeam?

Highbeam is comparable to the drivingbeam. It is a term that it light pattern Describes the high beam of a passenger car. There are various rules that you must take into account when using high beams. The lights may not be used at all times. This is because the lighting is very powerful and can blind people in traffic. When used incorrectly, it can therefore definitely be dangerous. Especially in the case of LED lighting, which is generally brighter than other types of lighting. Highbeam is actually a little bit the opposite of low beam.

Rules for driving lights

As mentioned earlier, several rules apply to the use of high beams, including the use of high beams. This is because the lights emit a bright light that can blind other road users. But when are you allowed to use the high beam? High beams may only be used in the evening and at night. It is not allowed when an oncoming car is approaching. You are also not allowed to use this lighting when you are driving behind another vehicle. The light must ensure that you can see the road better. It is therefore very useful on roads without street lighting. It is not advisable to use high beams when it is foggy. Oddly enough, visibility is reduced.

Highbeam at TRALERT®

Different LED lights within the TRALERT® range can carry highbeam. A good example of this is the HLEU175 LED spotlight. This multifunctional spotlight is equipped with both highbeam and lowbeam. The lamp is multivoltage equipped and has a IP value of IP67. The strong polycarbonate lens ensures a long service life. Of course, there are also other LED driving lights within the TRALERT® product range.

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