Definition: Lowbeam

What is lowbeam?

If you are looking for lighting, you may have come across the term lowbeam. But what is it exactly? Lowbeam can be compared to the dipped beam of a car. It cannot blind other road users when someone drives up. This is due to the different light beam in comparison with, for example, low-beam headlights. highbeam. Low- and highbeam obviously have a completely different light pattern.

When mandatory?

The use of dipped headlights is compulsory in several situations. Since low-beam is similar to dipped-beam, it is possible to say that this can also be compulsory. The important thing is that some form of dipped headlights must be used in a number of situations. It is fairly easy to explain when low beam is compulsory. It is when it is dark outside. When visibility is poor, using dipped headlights during the day is also very important. When you use the lights incorrectly, you may receive a fine. It is also possible that the vehicle does not pass the inspection.

In principle it is not possible to blind other road users with your lowbeam. However, it can be dangerous if they are incorrectly adjusted. Especially with LED lights which is naturally stronger than other types of lighting. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the proper adjustment of the lighting at all times. It is not for nothing that it is recommended to check the lighting every month.

Lowbeam at TRALERT®

Also at TRALERT® there is a spotlight that can carry lowbeam. That is the HLEU175 LED driving light. This lamp is equipped with both low-beam and high-beam. A clear dividing line shows that it is possible to illuminate half of the lamp, but it is also possible to illuminate the entire lamp. When the entire lamp is illuminated, the lamp is highbeam. The lamp has a strong polycarbonate lens and has 1422 lumens. The different types of lighting it can provide make it a versatile driving light.

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