Wat is een 5-PIN bajonet Aspöck?

Nowadays, lamps can be connected in many different ways. In addition to a Deutsch connector, a 5-PIN bayonet from Aspöck can also be used. This is a handy connector that is easy to connect. An Aspöck connector can be recognized by its round connector. In addition, the connector is known for its good quality and high price. 5-PIN bayonets from other brands are generally cheaper, but are also known for their inferior quality. Bayonets are also known for being able to mount and dismount a light quickly. The cable can only be connected in one easy way to the connections of the light and the connection of the vehicle. If you then tighten the swivel, the cable is firmly and securely mounted.

How do you recognise a left and right 5-pin bayonet from Aspöck?

A 5-PIN bayonet from Aspöck is available in two versions, namely a left and right connection. To easily distinguish between the left and right version, Aspöck has added colours. The green bayonet colour is responsible for the right side of your vehicle and the yellow bayonet colour is responsible for the left side of your vehicle. This makes it easy to distinguish between the two different connections. When buying a bayonet, pay attention to which side you need. reverse light.

Rear light with fog light and reversing light

A standard taillight with a 5-PIN bayonet connection from Aspöck is equipped with a taillight, brake light, turn signal, and fog light. If you want to use fog lights and reverse lights, the 5-pin bayonet is not sufficient. This connection provides only five different types of lights. In this case, you will need to use an 8-PIN bayonet. This connection is standard equipped with turn signal, fog light, reverse light, brake light, taillight, and fog light.