7-PINs AMP connector

Definition: 7-PINs AMP connector

What is a 7-PIN AMP connector?

A 7-PIN's AMP connector provides a very reliable electrical connection. The connector uses both male and female parts that clamp together. The AMP connector has male pins. The connector has female pins. This ensures not only the conductivity but also extra strength. The housing of the connector is made of a durable plastic. An AMP connector normally has between one and twelve connection points.

Lighting with 7-PIN AMP connector

Different LED lights within the TRALERT® product range can be connected by means of a 7-PIN's AMP connector. A good example of this is the V10C7 - 551B7 LED rear light. This is the version for the left side, of course the right side is also available. This lamp has other advantages besides the simple AMP plug connection. The lamp has a lava flow look. Besides the regular rear lights, the lamp is also equipped with fog lights, reversing lights and licence plate lights on the side. Also thanks to the multivoltage (12 to 36 volts), this light can be used for many vehicles. This lamp is also available with other connections, such as a 5 PINs bayonet connection. The lamp is also equipped with a standard centre-to-centre dimension. Naturally, other lights with a 7-PIN's AMP plug are available within the TRALERT® product range.

Connection cable

If it happens that your lighting has a 7-pin connector but you need a different connection, this does not have to be a problem. There are several adapter cables available. One of the adapter cables transfers the AMP connector to an Aspock connector. Besides this adapter cable, there are of course other options available. There is a solution for every situation. If you cannot work it out yourself, you can always contact us.

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