Accent lighting

DEFINITION: accent lighting

What is accent lighting?

Accent lighting is lighting that emphasises certain objects. LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to the many possibilities it can offer. LED lighting can be divided into two categories, namely mood lighting and functional lighting. Functional LED lighting is mainly used for direct and practical purposes. Atmosphere lighting, on the other hand, is used decoratively. LED lighting draws attention to certain objects by giving them extra light. An advantage of accent lighting is that it has an aesthetic added value. With LED lighting, it is primarily the opening angle that is important. The opening angle determines how wide the light pattern is of LED lighting.


In this article we will discuss the greatest advantages of accent lighting. There are several advantages, namely:

  • LED lights is more energy-efficient than conventional lighting.
  • LED lighting has lower power consumption.
  • Accent lighting has a longer life. LED lighting lasts longer than conventional lighting.
  • Accent lighting is largely recyclable because it can be reused.

One of the biggest advantages of accent lighting is that they are more resistant to shocks and vibrations. Due to the use of less fragile materials, LED lighting breaks down much less quickly. Furthermore, the lighting has lower maintenance costs. LED lighting often lasts 5 years or longer.

LED strips

The LED strips from TRALERT® are very suitable for creating accent lighting. This form of lighting can be positioned flexibly. This makes the strip suitable for various vehicles, large and small. The LED strip emits a cool white light and contains a black circuit board. In addition, the strip is completely waterproof, this is due to the IP67 protection class with which the lamp is equipped. Furthermore, the lamp has a light output of 314 lumens.

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