Indirect light

Definition: Indirect light

What is indirect light?

Indirect light is light that reflects into the room, the light is used to illuminate a larger area. The reflection of the light creates an effect called indirect light. Indirect light has little contrast between light and shadow. For example, an LED lamp that provides light indirectly, via the carpet. Direct light is light that shines from a light source directly onto an area. direct light.

indirect light

When to choose indirect light?

Instead of multiple direct light sources, choose an indirect light source to create more lumens in a particular cabin, without adding any rigid lines or contrasts. Indirect light is also used in the case of spotlights, for example, which reflect the light as they shine, creating indirect light.

Can you use both types of light at the same time?

It can be attractive to illuminate a cabin only with direct light, as this gives a calm and common atmosphere. But at the same time, this creates a very sharp contrast between shadow and light. On the other hand, using only indirect light is quite easy because it provides brightness. To make a cabin usable as well as comfortable and cosy, both lights are actually necessary. Indeed, a combination of the two makes a room come alive. Also remember that the purpose of the light shows what kind of light pattern you are dealing with. Only when a light source shines directly on an item or place is there a direct light source.

the lighting plan!

In order to make good use of indirect light, a well thought-out lighting plan is essential. You need to have this sorted out well in advance so that you can carry out all the necessary electrical work and any structural modifications in advance. Think about connection points for the truck behind which a LED strip can be mounted.

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