Powder coating

Definition: powder coating

What is Powder coating?

Powder coating is also known as powder varnishing or powder painting. But how does it work? Negatively charged powder is sprayed onto a grounded metal using compressed air. The powder then sticks to the metal for a while. It can then go into the oven, which melts the powder. Powder coating can be applied to many different metals. What is very important is that the metal is clean. The material must first be cleaned and degreased.


Powder coating has several advantages. One of the advantages, for example, is that no solvents are released, as the paint consists of a solid substance. The powder that does not stick to the metal can be reused. This is a great advantage because no paint is lost. These properties also have a positive impact on the environment. Another positive influence on the environment is the amount of waste that remains after powder coating. This is because it is very little. Another advantage of powder coating is that it protects the product against severe weather conditions. It also offers protection against rust and corrosion. This is because no oxygen can reach the steel. In comparison with spraying or painting, for example, powder coating is much stronger. It gives the product a real protective layer.

Powder coating at TRALERT®

Various TRALERT® products have been powder coated. A good example of this are the mounting brackets that make it easy to mount LED lighting. The mounting brackets are powder coated black for a nice look and extra protection. But that is not the only product where powder coating is applied. Another good example is with the LED work lights from TRALERT®. Several LED worklights are equipped with a black stainless steel powder-coated base. As with the mounting brackets, it provides not only an attractive appearance but also that extra layer of protection.

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