Red spot

Definition: Red spot

What is a red spot?

If you work in logistics, you have probably seen the red spot before. The red spot is also called "safety lights", because they are meant to make logistics safer. To create a safe environment in your warehouse, it is wise to equip your forklift trucks with red spot lights. The Red LED spotlight helps where the noise alarms stop. Your forklift truck and warehouse environment are likely to be very noisy with lots of activity. A high visibility red spot projects a bright red circle onto the floor. By strategically placing the red lamp on your forklift truck at the front or rear, your colleagues can see you better. You mount these safety lights on the front or back of the roof of your forklift truck. The Red spot gives a bright light pattern.

Installing the safety LED

It is convenient to mount the safety lights at a very strategic location. In many cases, the roof of a forklift truck seems to be a good place with sufficient mounting and connection possibilities. When installing safety lights, remember to adjust the red line correctly. The warning effect works best when the red line hits the ground light and is not dimmed or faded. When connecting a safety light, it is important to check that it is correctly aligned. We recommend an optimum projection surface of 2.5 metres for safety lamps. Safety lamps are also waterproof (IP68).

Function of the Red Spot

The function of the red line of the safety lights is to identify the movement zone/direction of the forklift truck. In a warehouse, where it can often be noisy, the alarm sound can get lost in the background noise. So an alarm in the form of an LED light may be more pleasant and safer to operate in some cases.


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Red spot

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