RFT lens technology is the mirror reflector found in some LED work lights by TRALERT®. This lens technology is part of the secondary optical elements contributing to a different (improved) light pattern. Other optical elements of a work light include reflectors, optics with total internal reflection (TIR), and diffusers. Various secondary optical elements are available for different types of lighting. Depending on your specific lighting needs for the desired light pattern, you can choose lighting options. This allows you to capture additional light, enhance light intensity, or adjust the target surface. This also includes the ability to blur or sharpen the light beam. Additionally, you can change color uniformity with the lens or glass.

Reflect facing technology lens, how does it work?

With an RFT lens, indirect light is used in the work light to evenly illuminate your work area. By horizontally placing LEDs and determining the light pattern via the mirror reflector, a uniformly distributed light beam is created without scattered light. This uniform distribution can only be achieved through a lens with reflective mirrors. We have described the difference between a mirror reflection lens and a direct lens in the blog: "Direct Lens vs. Indirect Lens, What Effect Does This Have on Your Work Lighting."

Where is RFT lens technology most commonly found?

You will mainly find the RFT lens in wide-beam work lights. In technical jargon, these lights are also called wide-beam lights. The function of these lights is to illuminate work areas broadly, preferably without extra illuminated spots, to achieve an experience as close to daylight as possible. For illustration; this is different from work lights equipped with, for example, a spot beam. These lights are designed to illuminate one specific point additionally. Hence the name "spot," directly translated as "point." Places where you won't find the RFT lens include taillights or marker lights. The reason for this is the light function. Marker lights are logically about being 'seen.' In contrast to the function of work lighting, which is mainly about radiating. That's why different lens techniques are used to illuminate your work environment as optimally as possible.

In short:

An RFT lens provides an even light image and is created by an LED-lens combination in which the mirror lens distributes the outgoing light. Are you looking for lighting that uses this lens technology? Then take a look at the models: TRSW12274FB, TRSW12028FB and the well-known worklight TRSW12275FB on our dealer portal. You can find the RFT lens on these wide-beam headlamps and expect a uniformly good light image.

If you have any questions about lighting or the appropriate lighting pattern for your machines, please contact us! We will be happy to help you adjust your lighting set-up uniformly.