7-Pin DIN

Signification: 7-Pin DIN

What is a 7-pin din?

You may think: what does DIN stand for? It stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung (German industry standard). A 7-pole DIN is therefore a connector between the car and the trailer. In other words, a coupling piece between the car and the trailer. When you overload the wires of the car with a number of LED work lights the wires can get hot, so pay attention. The trailer rear lights are always connected to a separate pin each pin has its own function. The different pins are there for safety reasons. Nowadays, 7-pin DIN connectors are used more and more.

7-pin din

How does it work in case of malfunction?

Malfunction with 7-pin DIN? What could it be? Is it a broken bulb? Perhaps a break in the cable? It often happens that the coupling no longer makes a good connection. In that case, also check whether everything is firmly attached. Is everything tight? Then it could be that a wire has come loose somewhere. When a wire comes loose, you can usually just reattach it.

correct adapter plug for your trailer

If you are not sure which plug you should choose, we recommend that you do so when transporting your bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat or horse trailer the standard sockets from TRALERT®. Make sure that you remove the adapter after use. Otherwise you run the risk of water getting into the adapter and the socket, resulting in short circuits. You don't want that and you certainly don't want it with cables. A handy tip for cables is that you can lay the cable in a loop so that the water always drips down, which also prevents damage. Below you can read more about how to plug in a 7-pin DIN, among other things.

What about plugging in?

This does involve different functions, however, and the plugging in is not quite the same. So you have to be careful not to connect it wrong. With a 7 pin DIN it is quite simple, you can only plug it in in one way and that is in a straight line. With a 13 pole DIN you have to plug it in and then turn it clockwise a quarter of a turn

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