What is a 13-pin plug? - TRALERT®

A 13-pole plug is used to connect a trailer or caravan, for example. Using the 13-pole plug, the trailer's lights will work. Apart from the lighting, the 13-pole plug also allows you to connect extra functions. For example, the motor for the trailer's tipping function. In addition to a 13-pole plug, there is also a 7 pole plug binnen de markt.

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Difference with 7-pin plug

Naturally, there are differences between the two connectors. A 7-pin connector is intended to provide the trailer with basic lighting. A thirteen-pin connector ensures that the trailer is equipped with more lighting. By basic lighting, we mean, for example, turn signals and brake lights. In addition to the possibility of connecting lighting such as reverse lights, you also have two positions free. These positions can be used in the caravan world for a refrigerator, and in the trailer world for the tipping function.

Two variants

There are two different types of 13-pin connectors: the Jaeger connector and the Multicon West connector. Both connectors differ from each other. The Jaeger is standardly used with German car brands such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. It features a bayonet connection, which ensures that the connector fits more securely. When you want to connect a thirteen-pin Jaeger connector to a 7-pin connector, you will need to use an adapter adapter. Make sure to remove the adapter when not in use to prevent moisture ingress.

The second option is the Multicon West plug. The Multicon West plug is standard on cars from other countries. This connector fits both a 7-pin and a 13-pin plug. It can also be used for both functions. The connection can come in handy when your trailer still has an 'old' 7 pin connector. What is important to know is that a Multicon West plug does not fit in a Jaeger socket. The other way round is also the case.

Connection diagram

The wiring diagram also looks different when the two different 13-pin connectors are compared. The wiring diagrams of the two different systems are shown in the images below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Jaeger aansluitschema:

Wiring diagram for 13-pin plug Jaeger

Multicon West:

Wiring diagram for 13-pin plug