Reversing light

Definition: Reversing lamp

What is reversing light?

An essential component on your vehicle is the reversing light. These special rear lights are an indispensable support light for your vehicle. Other road users are alerted to the fact that you are driving backwards or about to do so. This creates a clearer and more manageable situation for all traffic. Rear lights can be recognised by their white light colour which they emit. What many people do not know is that rear lights, just like dipped-beam headlights, city lights and main-beam headlights, may also emit a yellow light colour.

Is reversing light obligatory?

It is currently compulsory to have at least one reversing light if your vehicle was manufactured after 31 December 1997. Multiple reversing lights are also permitted. For trucks and trailers, the rules are slightly different. If your truck or trailer is longer than six metres, it is compulsory to have two reversing lights. Trailers up to 750 kg are not obliged to have reversing lights. If you do have one but it does not work properly, you cannot be fined by the police. These rules apply not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe.


The TRALERT® reversing lights are available in multivoltage from 12 to 32 volts available. Thus, the lighting is suitable for every vehicle and every situation. So there is always a reversing light available that fits your vehicle.

Reversing lights from TRALERT®

TRALERT® offers many different types and sizes of reversing lights. Naturally, all the lights in our range are fitted with a E-markings and a CE marking. As not all vehicles are equipped with reversing lights as standard, individual tail lights are also available in our assortment. TRALERT® also offers complete tail lights. These are tail lights that contain all the necessary lighting. The advantage of this is that you only need to mount one lamp instead of many different ones.

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