Definition: volt

What does volt mean?

Volt is an abbreviation for the word voltage. The letter "V" indicates the voltage. The word is derived from the Italian inventor Alessandro Volta. The Italian is also the inventor of the electric battery in 1800. The number of volts indicates how much voltage there is on a connection. Lighting is suitable for a certain voltage. Vehicles are usually equipped with either a 12-volt or a 24-volt socket. Of course, the LED lights by TRALERT® also focuses on this. In fact, most TRALERT® lights are multivoltage equipped. This means that the lights simply work on different connections.

Volts in combination with Amps and Watts

Volts are often associated with the terms Amps and Watts. All three have something in common, but they are certainly not the same. The voltage indicates the voltage. Ampère indicates the current strength and Wattage indicates the consumption. Further explained, the Ampere indicates how many electrons pass through a device. Volts then indicate how much energy each of these electrons carries. The Wattage then shows how much energy the device actually consumes per second.

Where can I find the voltage?

As previously mentioned, the voltage is often indicated by the letter "V". The voltage is always specified with the TRALERT® products. This is done because the voltage is very important when purchasing LED lights. You can also always find the voltage in the specifications of the product. Most lights in the TRALERT® assortment are multivoltage anyway. So you do not have to worry about this. If you still cannot work it out, you can always contact us.

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