Female Deutsch connector

Definition: Female Deutsch connector

What is a Female Deutsch connector?

In the vehicle lighting industry, the female Deutsch connector is a commonly used connector. The connector is used in all kinds of lighting, for example: LED bars, LED driving lights and LED rear lights ect. A female Deutsch connector (also called a jack) has a center conductor with a hole in it to insert the male plug. The connector is known for its reliability, high quality and ease of connection. It can withstand temperatures from 55 °C to 125 °C. The connector is also waterproof (IP68).

Different types of connectors

There are two different types Deutsch connectors. In addition to the female deutsch connector, there is also a male deutsch connector. The male Deutsch connector (also called jack) has a solid pin as the middle conductor. A female Deutsch connector (also called jack) has a center conductor with a hole in it to insert the male plug. 

Different types of connections

In addition to the male and female versions, connectors are also available with different connectors. So there is always a connection available for your LED lights. Below are listed the different species:

  • 2-Pins male/female
  • 3-Pins male/female
  • 4-Pins male/female
  • 6-Pins male/female
  • 8-Pins male/female
  • 12-Pins male/female

Connection female deutsch connector

Connecting the connectors is fairly easy. It is important to make sure that the optional heat shrink tubing is slid over the cable. First small then large. Strip both cables about 5 millimeters. Then you place the bushings in the jaws of the pliers. You then place the cable in the clamping part of the ferrule. Make sure that the sheath of the cable is placed in the back part of the bushing, so that the bushing is also secured to the sheath. Push the bushing with cable at the back through the rubber into the connector until the front of the bushings are flush with the front of the connector. Insert the front green wedge into the connector and press firmly. Optionally, the connector can be additionally sealed with the Shrink tubing

Female Deutsch connector

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