Definition: Lumen

Lumen meaning

There are various terms to consider when it comes to lighting. Some terms are also sometimes used interchangeably. This is occasionally the case with watts and lumens. The wattage indicates the power of a lamp. Lumen says something about the actual light that the lamp radiates. In addition to watts and lumens, you should also consider the number of lumens. volts. This indicates the voltage. Ampère is the unit of current. Many different terms that are all important but also all say something different about lighting.

What does the quantity say?

The number of lumens of your lights tells you how much light a lamp actually emits. In the past, when light bulbs were still widely used, the number of watts said a lot. Nowadays, it doesn't mean much, especially if you want to know how much light a lamp emits. Lumen indicates how much light a lamp emits but not how much light you get on a particular surface. If you mount two lamps in the same place, the lamp with more lumens will give more light. If the lamp with more lumens is placed further away, the lamp with fewer lumens may emit more light on the desired surface. To find out how much light you get on a surface, look at the number of lumens. lux.

What is the best thing to look out for?

It is difficult to say what you should pay attention to. This also varies from one situation to another. The most important thing is simply not to focus on just one of the terms. It is important to take all units into account when purchasing lighting. All terms say something different about LED lighting. Do you not know which bulb is best for your situation? Feel free to contact our technical team. They will be happy to think along with you.

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