What is ISO 13207

ISO 13207 has been specially developed for truck lighting. But what does it mean exactly and can this piece of electronics be connected easily? We will explain it to you.

When the lighting in a truck malfunctions, a notification is sent to the cabin. The truck driver receives a message on his display indicating that a lamp is no longer working. This is recognized because an incandescent bulb exhibits high resistance. When this resistance is no longer detected, the system recognizes it. A notification is then sent to the cabin indicating that the lighting is not functioning. LED lighting takes hardly any resistance compared to incandescent bulbs. LED lamps take so little resistance that even the electronics in the truck do not recognize the lamp. As a result, drivers receive error messages indicating that the lights on their truck are not working.

The solution to this problem is ISO 13207. This piece of electronics specifies the precisely timed pulse for a low-power LED lamp, which temporarily mimics the power consumption of an incandescent lamp. In short, the electronics ensure that the LED lamps are recognised, so that no error message is generated when the lights are working.

Linking ISO 13207 to your truck

If you receive error messages about the lighting in your truck and want to solve this with ISO 13207, this will be fairly easy. This is because you do not need to have complicated electronic systems installed. Some LED lights are in fact standard equipped with ISO 13207. You will therefore first have to find lighting that is equipped with this and secondly you will have to connect it to your truck.

Problems with your truck lighting?

Do you have problems with the lighting on your truck? Is it defective or does it show an error code? TRALERT® offers you technical support and will be pleased to help you find a solution.