Spiral cable 7-pin

Definition: Spiral cable 7-pin

What is a 7-pole spiral cable?

In this enlightenment term, we discuss a unique Cable and to be more precise the Spiral Cable 7-pin.

A coiled cable (also called a curled cable) is a cable characterised by its flexibility. The curled cable is elastic and thus provides greater freedom of movement with the connected device, without the need for the cable to be longer. A coiled cable also ensures that tangling is avoided. The cable can be pulled out in three to fourfold lengths and consists of current-carrying copper cores and corresponding insulation. The outer insulation is often a PUR cable. In contrast to PVC cables, Pur cables are more expensive but more robust and durable. PVC cables lose their flexibility/resilience under continuous loading.

Spiral cable 7-pin

The spiral cable with a 7-pole connection is sometimes used in the lighting industry. The cable is a 'normal' spiral cable with a 7-pole connection. The cable can be handy when connecting tow objects such as old trailers, bicycle carriers, boat trailers or horse trailers. Trucks also sometimes use a spiral cable to make a connection to the corresponding trailer. When you have a 13-pole connection, but still a 7-pole spiral cable, you will have to use a adapter cable. This allows the 7-pole socket to fit on the 13-pole socket.

LED flashing light with spiral cable

At TRALERT® we have different lamps with a spiral cable as a connection. An example of this is the LED beacon with magnetic base. Due to the spiral cable, the beacon with magnetic base is easy to install when it needs to be done quickly.

LED beacon with magnetic base

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